FLAG operates via a collaborative action model (see diagram below) which is relationships driven and seeks membership from community service, government, business organisations and community members.  The group’s agreed vision is to improve financial well being in Logan. 

FLAG meets bi-monthly.  Additionally the group has 3 working groups which usually meet monthly.  The activities of the group are driven by an Action Plan which is developed on an annual basis to address current financial well being issues. Below is some information about the 3 working groups.

  1. Resource and Research Development – The focus is on understanding the data in relation to financial literacy issues affecting the Logan community and the development of resources to support improvement of financial literacy.

  2. Financial Literacy – Education and Delivery – The focus is organising and delivering education through financial literacy seminars and events for Logan community members and delivering Professional Development sessions for workers in Logan.

  3. Develop and Market FLAG – The focus is developing the profile of FLAG in and beyond the Logan community, connecting with other collaborative action groups and engaging with potential new members.